High School/College Counseling

Hello and welcome to the High School/College Counseling page! I'm Kerry Trammell, your CMIS High School/College Counselor. This is my second year at Chiang Mai International and it's a treat working with our amazing students. My front page has a little bit about me and the rest of the site follows the ASCA (American School Counseling Association) Model. That means I've included information that pertains to social/emotional well-being, academic readiness, and career and college planning. Please take a look around!

What is School Counseling?

According the American School Counselors Association, School Counselors are uniquely qualified to work with students to address and solve academic hardships, support social and emotional growth of students and assist with career and college readiness to prepare students for the world beyond.

Visit the American School Counselors Association homepage to learn more.

About ME!

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico - "The Land of Enchantment!: I discovered that the best way to combine my love of counseling with my love of working with young people, would be to pursue my Masters of Science in School Counseling/Applied Psychology. I graduated with honors from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota and the rest, as they say, is history! This will be my 19th year as a School Counselor. I'm figuring out my way around Chiang Mai whether it be on foot (I love to run!) in my car (watch out!) and on my trusty scooter. I'm a mom to two really wonderful and very grown up young adults, Kyle and Makenzie and my husband Jim and I are currently raising two more furry kids, our dogs Abby (we brought her along) and Bear (we found him on the street.) See Bear below and you'll know why we had to bring him home.